How do I set a different start of the week?

By default, Simple Calendar will use WordPress own setting for the start of the week. This is set inside General Settings page from the Settings menu in admin dashboard.

However, you also can adjust the start of the week for individual calendars using the corresponding setting inside the Advanced tab in the calendar settings panel.

How to exclude calendars from showing in RSS feeds?

Calendars are post types, a WordPress content type like blog posts or pages. By default WordPress adds all your posts, regardless of their type, to your feeds.

If you want to tweak your RSS feeds you need to use WordPress functions and hooks. But you can also use a third party plugin, such as the popular Yoast SEO.

Why when I open an event on Google Calendar app it shows a different time?

Google Calendar app automatically detects the location of the current user and adjusts the displayed event time and date according to the current viewer timezone. Google has no setting to switch this off. Normally this isn’t a problem when both the calendar and the viewer are in the same timezone.