Simple Calendar – Advanced Custom Fields is a Simple Calendar add-on that lets you combine ACF with Simple Calendar.

To install this add-on, follow these instructions. For this add-on, besides Simple Calendar, you’ll require Advanced Custom Fields plugin installed and activated. Either version 4.x or 5.x or Pro will work with Simple Calendar.

After you have installed and activated the add-on, proceed to create a new field with ACF by going to Custom Fields and then Field Groups or Add new in the WordPress admin dashboard side menu. Proceed to create a new field as you would do normally with ACF. When prompted for the field type you’d wish to create, you’ll notice that Simple Calendar is now a possible choice.

Simple Calendar ACF field type

Save your field and go to the post or page where you have chosen to have it displayed. From here you can select a Simple Calendar among those created with Simple Calendar plugin.

Simple Calendar ACF Field display

Advanced Custom Fields makes use of template functions to output fields. You can output a Simple Calendar using the_field( 'your_field_name' );, for example, as you would do with other ACF fields.