Please note that you must have Simple Calendar 3.1.0+ installed to run the FullCalendar Add-on.

To get started with the FullCalendar add-on you will first want to select the new calendar option of FullCalendar.


You will also have some additional options that become available. You can see all the new options available under the appearance tab. Some of the options you may be familiar with from the default calendar grid view.

simple calendar fullcalendar settings

Calendar HeightSets the height of the calendar on the page.
Today ButtonShow or hide the today button.
Default ViewSets the default view that is displayed when the calendar is first loaded.
View ButtonsDetermines which of the different view buttons to show.
Default Start TimeThe time of day to scroll to at top of view when the calendar is first loaded. Week and day views only. Default is 6:00 am.
Limit Display TimesPart of day to limit times displayed to. Week and day views only. Default is entire day.
Display LanguageLanguage (locale) to set calendar display to.
Event BubblesBehavior that will trigger the tooltip popups.
Trim event titlesLimits the event titles to a specified number of characters.
Limit visible eventsLimits how many events will show on each day.
Event ColorThe color of the event background.
Event Text ColorThe color of the event text.
Updated on September 13, 2016