Sometimes there are conflicts between our plugins and either your theme, another plugin or non-standard widgets. Please follow the guidelines below to determine details about any conflicts for further troubleshooting.

Important! You need to clear your calendar cache every time you make a change. If you don’t then the test will not be fully accurate.

Testing for Theme conflicts

To rule out a theme conflict, you’ll first need to temporarily activate a WordPress default (stock) theme like Twenty Fifteen. Then clear your browser cache and any other caching running in your admin.

Test your issue again, and if it no longer exists, you have a theme conflict. At this point adjustments will need to be made to your theme in order to get our plugin to work with your site.

Your theme must also implement wp_footer() in the footer.php file, otherwise scripts will not load correctly.

You can also try running the Theme Check plugin to make sure your theme supports the latest WordPress standards.

Testing for Plugin conflicts

If you’ve already ruled out a theme conflict, next you’ll need to check for plugin conflicts.

While a WP stock theme is still active, next deactivate all other plugins except for ours.

Test your issue once again, and if it no longer exists, you have a plugin conflict. To determine which plugin is conflicting, re-activate plugins one by one while testing to see if the issue returns after each activation. When the issue returns you’ve found the conflicting plugin.

At this point you’ll need to find an alternate solution to the conflicting plugin or have adjustments made to it.

Testing for Widget conflicts

Occasionally widgets may cause conflicts with some plugin features. Usually these come from HTML, script or shortcodes entered directly into a text or similar widget.

Like plugins, you can temporarily move widgets to the “Inactive Widgets” section in the admin to see if that helps solve the issue.

Using caching and/or JavaScript minification plugins

Our plugins should work alongside the more popular caching and JavaScript minification plugins, but at times these plugins can cause conflicts and break certain functionality.

You should be able to modify your caching/minfication settings (or disable these plugins altogether) to test for these conflicts.